We live in a modern era that is consistently progressing with medical practices and treatments to existing diseases. In the world of vision therapy, we are consistently making progress in how we can assist our clients with their visual impairment issues.

Unfortunately individuals in our community are sustaining these issues due to work/sports related industries to the face or brain. pre-existing diseases that affect the brain or eyes directly, and hereditary impairments from their family. Nonetheless, we do our absolute best to give our clients the best solutions possible.

Our team at Nebraska Visual Integration Center in Omaha, NE specializes in providing patients with the best vision therapy in the local community. We believe that it is absolutely important to always have a great sense of urgency when it comes to vision problems. Out of the injuries and personal issues that an individual can neglect and not recover from if the issue becomes permanent is their vision.

Vision therapy and reading/writing skills are all connected to each other and we are experts in providing programs improving everything in one. Here is some important information that we want our prospective and current clients to know.

How does vision affect someone’s ability to read and write?
Vision is a major part of an individual’s ability to read and write. As vision is connected to the brain, it is absolutely vital that they both (brain and vision) work together accordingly. For example, those with dyslexia have a disconnect between the functions in their brain and what they actually see. Because of that problem, vision tends to let them down when it comes to the ability of reading and writing.

How can vision therapy improve reading and writing?
Vision therapy can play an imperative role in improving an individual’s reading and writing skills. Through the programs, exercises, and procedures of vision therapy, the correlation of everything together can all be improved at the same time. When an individual is able to utilize their vision to its maximum level, they are able to comprehend, learn, read, and write on a high level.

As vision therapy improves the vision of patients, the reading and writing skills will also improve through proper education and practice.

Contact our team for more information regarding vision therapy
At Nebraska Visual Integration Center, we are always well prepared to assist our clients with any information and/or questions that they want to ask. We advise our clients to ask as many questions as they have on their mind as there are no dumb questions in regards to their (or their loved ones) vision. Vision Therapy is a vital non-surgical program that has great benefits, especially when utilized early in the visual impairment problem.

On a daily basis we take care of clients at our office and we want to take care of you (or your loved one) as well. If you would like to contact our team via e-mail, please feel free to visit our contact page. On that page you will be able to review and complete the short form that we have available.

Our team can also be contacted at (402) 502-0043 during our regular business hours.