About Nebraska Visual Integration Center

Young Woman Nebraska Visual Integration Center Vision Therapy Omaha Nebraska
100% Focused on Vision Therapy

Nebraska Visual Integration Center (NVIC) is 100% dedicated to Vision Therapy. Our office does not provide routine eye exams and this allows us to focus all of our time and energy on providing the best Vision Therapy and Functional vision care.

Omaha Vision Therapy Practice

The dedication, training and experience in Vision Therapy is what makes Nebraska Visual Integration Center unique. We proudly provide Vision Therapy services to Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and the surrounding areas of the Midwest region of Nebraska and Iowa.


At Nebraska Visual Integration Center, Vision Therapy is performed with the doctor present in the therapy room at all times working directly with the patients and overseeing all therapy related activities. Our office is the only office in Nebraska to provide this level of expertise in therapy.


Dr. Gates has direct training under the best and most well-known Optometrists currently providing Vision Therapy. Dr. Gates is the only residency-trained fellow in vision therapy in all of Nebraska.


He has lectured nationally, on topics including vision development and how it relates to learning & reading, as well as vision therapy and its involvement following brain injury/concussion. Dr. Gates has extensive experience in understanding how visual performance impacts a child/adult’s life.

Dr. Gates knows how to implement an individualized Vision Therapy program for each patient according to their vision needs.