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How does vision affect someone’s ability to read and write?

Vision is a process that occurs in the brain and is much more than just seeing letters and words clearly. For example, those with trouble in reading, writing and spelling often have a disconnect between the functions in their brain and what they actually see. Because of this problem, vision tends to let them down when it comes to the ability of reading, writing, and spelling. Vision therapy and reading/writing skills are connected with a number of different visual skills needed to allow for efficiency:

  • Accurate eye movement control
  • Eye teaming
  • Eye focusing
  • Visual processing / form recognitition

During the process of reading, we must point both eyes at the same place simultaneously, then move them continuously as a team through the text, as well as keep focus to make the words clear. This process must be repeated over and over without error or fatigue. When an individual is able to utilize their vision to its maximum level, they are able to comprehend, learn, read, and write on a high level.

As vision therapy improves the visual processing skills of patients, the reading and writing skills will also improve through proper education and practice.

Below you’ll find examples of how poor visual skills can impact reading performance:

A child with good reading skills

Paul likes to take his purple toy truck to the playground and share it with his friends. At the playground Paul enjoys swinging and climbing on the jungle gym.

A child with poor eye tracking skills

Paullik esto take his purplet oy truck tothe playgrounda ndshare it withis friends. Atthe playground Paulen joys swing ingandcli mbing on thejungle gym.

A child with p-q-b-d reversals

Paul likes to take his burple toy truck to the qlaypround and share it with his frienbs. At the playqround Paul enjoys swinging and climding on the jungle gym.

A child with visual crowding issues


Don’t let these visual issues interfere with your/your child’s performance in reading.



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