Christmas Gifts for Sensory Development

Gifts you can feel happy about purchasing

Are you in need of gift ideas for the kids in your life? We want to share with you a few of our favorites that promote visual development as well as other sensory developmental and creative thinking skills.

Just look underneath each age category for a few suggestions that might be what you are looking for as well as a list of some of the skills it develops!

Click on the toy names for a link to purchase or find more information.

Age 0 – 1

Soft Baby Rattle

  • Visual Perception / Visual-Auditory Integration / Motor Coordination

High Contrast Touch and Feel Crinkle Book

  • Visual Perception / Visual-Motor Integration

Age 1+

Roll and Play

Visual Perception / Reasoning / Motor Coordination / Body Awareness

Soft Stacking Blocks

Visual-Motor Integration / Visualization/ Visual Perception

Age 3+

Spot It! Animals Jr. 

Visual Perception / Matching

Mighty Minds

Visual Perception / Logical Thinking Skills/ Dexterity/ Visual-Motor Integration / Creative Problem Solving

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Visual Motor Integration / Motor Coordination / Visual Perception

Sorting and Stacking Stones

Balance/ Fine Motor Skills/ Visual Spatial Skills/ Logical Thinking/ Creativity/ Character Development

Age 6+


Visualization/ Visual Motor Integration/ Fine Motor Skills/ Visual Perception


Cognitive/ Logic / Spatial Reasoning/ Visual Perception


Logic/ Visual Perception / Visualization


Visual Motor Skills/ Fine Motor Skills/ Visualization / Visual Perception


Fine Motor Skills/ Visualization / Visual Perception