My New Perspective on Vision Therapy

My Introduction to Vision Therapy

4 Months ago, in October 2019, if you had asked me what Vision Therapy is, I would have had no idea what you were talking about. Before I walked into my interview, I knew nothing about Vision Therapy. ( I still knew very little after my interview) The only type of therapy I was familiar with was Physical Therapy. I spent so much time at Physical Therapy growing up, I should have just gotten a punch card!

What I Learned About Vision Therapy

Initially when I started working here I assumed Vision Therapy was similar to Physical Therapy. After spending a few months here, I still agree with myself, to a point. However the more time I spend here the more differences I see. The biggest difference to me is the need for Physical Therapy tends to be much more obvious. If you hurt your arm or your leg you go see someone to help correct the problem. Which in turn gets your body back to functioning at its full potential.

Undiagnosed Visual Issues


When there is a visual issue, it can be much more difficult to see. Your vision is just that, YOURS, you cannot see how someone else sees the world, just as nobody else can see the way you see things. Take for example a 5 year old that sees two of something that should just be one (double vision aka diplopia). That may be the only way that the child has ever seen the world. This child may not even realize that something is wrong. Visual struggles don’t magically go away when you become an adult. Some people struggle most of their lives without realizing there is a solution out there that can help them to be able to see more clearly.

Visual Potential

While Vision Therapy may be a lesser known form of therapy, that does not take away the need for it. Vision Therapy allows people to use their vision to its fullest potential. We should never let something hold us back when we have the ability to change it. I love that I work at a place where I get to learn more and more about Vision Therapy, and in turn share my knowledge with other people!

…I wonder if Vision Therapy could benefit me?…