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Summary of “Vision and Learning” by Heike Schuhmacher M.D.

Do you remember how you first learned about Vision Therapy? It probably doesn’t surprise you that most people don’t know it exists until they or someone they know is participating in it themselves. So, what about all of the children who are suffering from learning difficulties and parents and schools can’t explain why? Dr. Heike […]

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Dyslexia or Undiagnosed Functional Vision Problem?

The term “learning disability” is expressed frequently between concerned parents, educators, and anyone who feels they have one. You may know of a relative, a friend’s child, or even your own child who has been diagnosed during their school years. The LD Resources Foundation¹ states on their website that 8-10% of children under 18 have […]

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A Teacher’s View on Vision Therapy: Writing

Part 3: Writing as Communication Once learning has taken place, how do you show what you know? My students demonstrated their learning in the classroom through speaking, teaching another student, acting, drawing, using response cards and playing games. One method used daily in most subjects though was writing. The skill of writing is important on […]