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What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction?

What is Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)? Before discussing BVD, it is important to understand what binocular vision is. Bi- means both and -ocular means eyes, so binocular vision  means seeing with both eyes. In their post about binocular vision, Vivid Vision¹ discusses how the brain receives separate signals from both eyes, and combines them together in […]


Vision Therapy 101: Commonly Asked Questions About Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy? Vision Therapy is a specialized field of optometry that works on developing and enhancing basic visual skills, therefore allowing vision to become more comfortable and efficient. Furthermore, vision therapy positively influences vision thinking skills by improving eye-brain connections.  What We Treat At our office, we provide treatment for a variety of […]


How Do You Learn Best?

What is Your Learning Style? Did you know that there are different ways of learning? There are 3 main learning styles. Everyone is going to learn slightly differently. Knowing how you or your child learns best gives you the tools to help you to succeed. The 3 main learning styles are: Auditory: Learning by hearing […]