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Irlen Colored Lenses or a Functional Visual Issue?

Irlen / Colored Lenses What are Irlen Lenses? The term Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS), also known as Irlen Syndrome, was introduced by Helen Irlen, M.A., to describe a perceptual dysfunction related to “subjective difficulties with light, luminance, intensity, wavelength, and color contrast.” Irlen claims approximately 50% of the reading disability and dyslexic populations have this […]


Posture and Visual Stress In The Development Of Vision Disorders

How proper visual hygiene can help While many Individuals feel that most vision disorders are either hereditary or naturally occurring, there is substantial evidence that many non-pathological (disease) vision disorders are related to how we use our eyes and the ergonomics (posture) we use in school and work. Commonly known conditions such as nearsightedness and […]

ADHD & Vision

Attention Problems: Are They Due to Vision, ADHD, or Both? At Nebraska Visual Integration Center, many of the children and adults we see in Vision Therapy suffer from attention problems. It is very important to understand that if your child enjoys being read to, will sit and listen for long periods of time, but demonstrates […]


What is Vision Therapy?

Vision is More than 20/20 Vision therapy, or vision rehabilitation, is a program of therapeutic activities that works on the eye-brain connections involved in visual coordination and visual processing. Vision therapy, is not eye exercises, nor is it designed to strengthen your eye muscles since they are generally very strong on their own. By influencing how the […]

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5 Visual Skills for the Classroom

Vision is more than seeing clearly! It’s the ability to obtain meaning and understanding from what we see with our eyes. Vision is a complex combination of learned skills including eye movement coordination, binocular fusion (eye teaming), accommodation (eye focus), and visual form perception. Visual Skills for the Classroom, Learning & Life Eye Tracking – the […]