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ADHD & Vision

Attention Problems: Are They Due to Vision, ADHD, or Both? At Nebraska Visual Integration Center, many of the children and adults we see in Vision Therapy suffer from attention problems. It is very important to understand that if your child enjoys being read to, will sit and listen for long periods of time, but demonstrates […]

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5 Visual Skills for the Classroom

Vision is more than seeing clearly! It’s the ability to obtain meaning and understanding from what we see with our eyes. Vision is a complex combination of learned skills including eye movement coordination, binocular fusion (eye teaming), accommodation (eye focus), and visual form perception. Visual Skills for the Classroom, Learning & Life Eye Tracking – the […]

What to Do if Insurance Won’t Cover Vision Therapy?

What About Insurance? Individuals and families come to us seeking professional help with vision therapy, but may find medical insurance will not readily help cover the out of pocket costs. We’ve learned ways of working with medical insurance providers on your behalf and would welcome the opportunity to serve you. We understand the commitment required of […]

Retained Primitive Motor Reflexes

Primitive Motor Reflexes and their Role in Vision Development Most people are familiar with retained motor reflexes, they just may not know it. They can be witnessed when: a baby’s head is turned to one side and the arm and leg on that side turn out and the baby assumes a ‘fencer’ pose; or if […]

Learning-related Vision Problem, Dyslexia, or ADD/ADHD?

Learning-related Vision Problem, Dyslexia, or ADD/ADHD? Many of the observable traits that a child with ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia display are also seen in children with learning-related vision problems. A learning-related vision problem is a functional visual problem that interferes with a child’s ability to effectively process and interpret information seen through the eyes. To understand […]